What is Memoryst?

Memoryst (pronounced [ mem-er-ist ]) is your online companion for preserving memories. Memoryst is for visual people. It’s easy to quickly create cards of past memories and invite the people you were with. Memoryst will do the rest by connecting your friends in a private space where they can add photos, videos and comments.

How do I categorize my memories?

To start, we have 4 categories – music, travel, sports, and miscellaneous. Click the [ Add Event ] button on your dashboard and choose one. Each memory requires a name, a location and a date. That’s it.


Adding music memories requires the following:

Music Resources

Here’s a few websites to help you nail down the details of your favorite music memories:

Note: We pull in the setlist from Make sure your venue matches theirs for it to work.


How do I invite my friends?

Look for the (+) symbol on the back of your event card or go to the event detail page and find the (+) symbol there. Currently, you can only invite one person at a time.

How do I add a picture of myself?

Click on My Account to access your account settings. Look for the Upload button towards the bottom, where it says Avatar. Use a square photo for best results.

Who can see my memories?

Only you can see all the memories on your memory wall. If you invited friends to an individual memory, they can see that memory so they can add to it.

What are My Notes?

Notes are private to you. Even if you are sharing an individual memory with friends, they can’t see your notes. Each of your memories has its own set of notes.

Comments, Questions or Concerns?

We welcome feedback. Please contact us at [email protected]